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1. Vinyl wallpaper – This is the most commonly use in the market. The backing layer of vinyl wallpaper consist of paper or fibre, as well as plastic upper coating (PVC, PU). It’s printed or embossed the pattern by a machine. The vinyl surface is easy to clean. The material is resistant to water and not easy to discolour.

2. Embossed wallpaper – Also known as foam wallpaper. The surface of PVC with foaming agent mixing will be embossed first. After that, the wallpaper will be heated and the foam pattern is taken shape. There is a little bit sound absorbing function. Because the choice is not too much, the embossed wallpaper is often used for the ceiling decoration or sound proof room.

3. Imitation – The surface is the plastic upper coating (PVC, PU) also. It’s printed the pattern by a high technology of machine. There are imitations of raw concrete, fabric, leather, aged wood and brick. The wallpaper look as true if you do not touch it.

4. Special wallpaper – Because of the different environment or usage, the wallpaper will be put some suitable additive into the ingredients (eg. Fire proof, moisture proof and mould proof etc.) The price will be higher than other types.

Usually the wallpaper is a roll packing. The common width often is 21 inches and the length is 33 feet. You may add a border for match up also. The width of border is 4 inches to 6 inches and the length is 5 meters or 10 meters.