R&D Creative Limited, founded in 2006, is led by a group of experienced, professional and creative interior designers. As a highly reputable company, R&D always keeps to provide the most comprehensive and creative solutions and after sales services to its clients in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.


How to choose the right paint?

  1. Matte emulsion paint – paint color soft and non-reflective, suitable for indoor and ceiling, rich in color choice, smooth texture of finished surface and durable, the wall must be plastered before if you expect to achieve the best results.
  2. Semi-light emulsion paint – With a little bit reflective effect, let the wall looks more luster, cleaning is easier than the matter finish.
  3. Gloss emulsion paint – brightness, blend of water and oil’s properties with a decoration and protective functions, can prevent yellowing, dust and mold,  suitable for indoor and outdoor walls.

Before the wall is painted, it has been made sure the painting surface to be smooth, no cracks, no pollution and no moldy. Otherwise, you have to find a professional worker for restoring and plastering first. This may ensure the completion effect to be your expectation.