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Aluminum windows

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Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows

Aluminum window to specify the thickness and color of aluminum, glass types and colors, window grill and grid format.

At first, the engineering staff will come to measure the size before the aluminum window production Start. After 7-10 days of production drawing confirmed, the installation can be arranged in a good condition day.

Besides, it should be suggested to add window grilles or activities [such as window locks] if the window is close to the roadside. This may help to prevent the thief into the house because they usually use a screw driver to open the aluminum window easily. If there is a child in the family, you must pay attention to the size of the window grille in preventing any accidents.

In addition, it is best to prescribe that the old window must be cleared and removed by the contractor, as well as the conjunction between window and wall.
There will be some small scratches on the window frame during the installation period and the gaps should be filled with cement and waterproofing mixing.